The Reese Abbey

When you start a business, there are so many things that are good and yet so many things that are challenging.

So. many. things.

And yet in all of the good and bad, there are so many moments to learn and celebrate and to stop and remember, you are chasing your dream. That's when I have to stop and simply be grateful.  I had one of those moments when I got to celebrate the man I call Hubsy; the man I married.

He's also really good at brewing beer.


So, what better opportunity to blend both worlds; my business and personal in order to celebrate, to stop and have some fun after the craziness of a busy summer where I probably beat myself up a little too much on the things that weren't working so well and not stopping to "smell the roses" or notice all the pretty colors enough.

So, we celebrated.


We also tasted some really good beer.  We had friends over and hosted a beer and food pairing event at our home where we served five of Hubsy's brews from the last year along with an array of home cooked food from the chef herself (shamelessly points to self) that may or may not have actually been the right food to pair with the right beer.  Hey, we're newbies at this.



But it was fun.

It was needed. It was a break from the hustle of a business start up and it still allowed me to create and share the story of who my love was, the work he's done and let everyone else in on it at the same time. Without trying, it was Story by Design Events and it was freeing.

Lesson learned; do what you do and enjoy doing it and stop trying to make every detail work to perfection but make the details delight themselves (shamelessly points to self).  Cheers!




(shout out to Papertini Floral for this floral swag that we used on a recent photo shoot)


dsc_4193        (MW Murals was so sweet to gift Hubsy with this custom beer growler)