Resetting the Clocks: NYE Dinner Party

Ever since Hubsy has entered my life (three and a half years ago now), you would think that New Year's Eve would have taken on a whole new meaning. Enter hot dates, dresses that WOW him and nights that turn into early mornings.

I just l(ed)ol.

NYE for us has become none of the above but instead consists of comfy PJs, good games, great friends and some mighty fine drinks! Also known as the annual NYE Pajama Party!  And let me tell you, it is a good life!

I can't do late nights any more (yes I am almost 30 and THAT person). I can't do all the nonsense that comes with reservations and over priced menus and over served customers.  I can't do the ruckus around me when all I want to do is communicate with her person right next to me.  I guess I'm just not very good at NYE anymore.

But PJ's, PJ's I'm good at.

So, when I found out that this year we would be upstate in NY with Hubsy's family, my heart broke just a little because I thought; what about PJ's??

Enter a table full of clocks.


This year our closest friends from the area invited us over for dinner and since both she and I are the creative type and were having some much needed girl time, why wouldn't we decide to make the dinner of styled proportions?

Meg who is starting her own mural  business, brought her INSANE artistic talent literally to the table and I brought the desire to have it cute, cohesive and eye-catching but most importantly- welcoming.

Below are the results.  We loved the idea of resetting the clocks for the new year because what better time than a new year to start fresh in all areas of life.  Not in the resolution setting way but in the deep breath in, deep breath out, shake off the cob webs in your life and just start fresh!  So, this idea also set the table's style as well with golden tones and deep green ombre.

FullSizeRender (1)




The table provided laughter, refreshment, encouragement, conversation and everything that was needed to leave the old year behind and grab hold of the new one to come.  At each plate, aside from the delicious home (and hand) made pasta, lobster tail and asparagus, friendship and enjoyment was served. It was a night to cherish not just remember.

Then the actual clock neared midnight and we made our way to the living room where balloons filled with gold confetti lined the wall awaiting to be popped, champagne awaiting to be clinked and sipped and noise makers awaiting to, well make some noise!


Midnight came and went and by 12:30 a.m. this lady was ready to head home for bed but not after taking a moment to look back and take note that this past year has been such a beautiful journey.  One, that has been full of many up hill climbs with aches and pains to prove it but also one that has allowed me to see hope in a brand new way and has allowed me the ability to chase this crazy dream I can now call a reality and live out loud the things that I know to be true; life is really, really good and there "are far better things ahead than what we leave behind..."


Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2016!

Chalk Sign and Painted Clocks: MW Murals 
Tablescape and Design: Story By Design Events