Here Comes the Kline

Where's the gold confetti, it's time to celebrate! Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Who doesn't love gold confetti? Okay, okay I realize not EVERY one enjoys tiny pieces of golden delight lingering on their clothes but such is life.
  2. My friends Sarah and Josh got married last week and I got to do the flowers for their wedding.
  3. This was Story by Design Event's FIRST official wedding!

Again, who has the confetti, it's time to throw it up in the air!!

I've known Josh for quite some time, going back to church days, Word FM days and several days in between. He has quite a story.  Josh is one of the most calm, persistent and quietly faithful people I know even when he's not so quiet about pushing my buttons.  And, when Sarah entered his life I think we all knew his story was about to write a completely different ending.

Getting to know Sarah has been a pleasure and not just because this world is a better place because of all the Sarah's in it, but because she is relaxed, honest, caring and compliments who Josh is so well.  She is sweet and simple in the best way possible so coming together to talk wedding flowers I knew would be a breeze.

*Emily* I mean, Sarah (inside joke, sorry folks) looked stunning on the Friday in July when she said I do.   Her simple yellow, white and a pop of blue (okay, so we had a minor blue Iris that looked a little more purple mix up) allowed for the true star of the day to shine; their pure joy and love for each other.

With a bouquet of white roses and a pop of yellow freesias, and her dad by her side, Sarah walked down the aisle to a man who waited his lifetime for her and their new story began. Oh and can we just note, Josh's grandfather was his best man; que the water works now!

Congrats Josh and Sarah!